Definitely We Need Smarter Agriculture

We need to find a new and smarter ways for sustainable farming, while population is growing (it will be 9.8billions in 2050) and we are loosing fertile farmlands for urbanisation.

Crowd at the Palio horse race in Siena

Victor Spinelli | Photographer’s Choice | Getty
Crowd at the Palio horse race in Siena

This FAO report shows us importance of common vision for sustainable farming.

IoT is a way of connecting objects to internet. We can use this power for collecting more data from the farm and taking better and smarter decision.

I really like this article

The Internet of Grapes: How IoT and weather come together to support the global food system

thanks to its writer Karen Lewis

Crowdflower – AI on your business

There is no doubt data science is really very trend topic at last years and it is completely changing our life. Many experts say data is new oil and it is not really an abstract.


But most of the existing data is raw and most of the time we need an human in ai-loop. Last week I saw a company who is working about this and I especially appreciate A Guide to Machine Learning for Computer Vision Algorithms. I think you can also follow  and take a look at use cases of this company CrowdFlower