How We Will Create Our Data Science Savvy Generation?

It is ok Data Science is the sexiest job of 21st century (Harvard Business Reviews) but our generation is really to ready to be data science savvy?

Source: HBR

Yes, it is very easy to see popularity of data science increasing like a rocket

Data Science Trend over years

But just this graph is not only explaining the whole story. Because when we look at top 5 related queries we saw a different face of the story.

Data Science Top Five Queries

It is very obvious there is a strong interest on data science but as we see on the queries “what is data science” is at 2nd and “what is data” is in 4th place of the query list. Actually this is really great thing because data science is very important for everyone while the world is becoming more digital (E.g. agriculture)

Our digital business research with MIT showed that 70% of CEOs believe their core business model is under attack, and 90% of them believe they do not yet have the right leadership team or technical skills to adapt.

If I could awake a curiosity about data science you can also check this great article by Russ Thompson. I think you will enjoy to read. I especially like this very simple but crystal clear definition

A data scientist is the adult version of the kid who can’t stop asking “Why?”.

The question is how will we make this transformation? How we will educate people about data science? By classical education? By online course? By bootcamps? or maybe digital revolution will lead us to more effective hybrid solutions?

How we will create our data science savvy generation?

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