How to Become a Good Agricultural Engineer

Agricultural engineering is a combination of engineering technology and biological science applied to the field of agriculture. World population will exceed 9.6 billion by 2050 and we need to increase agricultural production by 70 percent to meet demand.

Agricultural Engineers will be one of the main problem solvers.  They will be a bridge between technology and agriculture and it will be one leg of the solution.

Get Code To:

  • Get Agriculture Engineer job posts summaries from
  • Save all summaries in one python list
  • Create WordCloud based on this list

Libraries Used:

Agricultural Engineer Word Cloud

This word cloud can give us an intuition about what, companies demand from agricultural engineers.

For example from the first view, I notice that System Engineer, Test Engineer, Electrical Controls, Project EngineerAgricultural Production, Software Engineer, Design Engineer have a higher frequency of agricultural engineer job posts.

Why don’t you copy/modify the code and try for different job search keywords?

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