A Desperate Attempt to Pour Pages with My Pure Nonsense Thoughts

I wanted to write today, write and expose all my feelings (at least some)  into digital bits and bytes. I have a lot of questions in my mind like all modern human has. We are growing, evolving and changing every second of the life. Interestingly most of the time we are not moving into consciously chosen direction. Mostly we are moving like a leaf on the river flow. Not because we don’t have power to swim against. However we just need to turn our face to sky and watch how it is sliding in front of our eyes.

I am sitting in a chair at my hostel now in the reception. I can’t say it is very comfortable but absolutely relaxing time for my soul. Everyone is busy and they seems even they don’t know who is coming and passing here. Someone is just arriving to the reception, not only with full of backpacks but also full of hopes and dreams about this beautiful Amsterdam city and someone is just taking a sip from their beers and enjoying the time.

What are you thinking guy at the kitchen? How to prepare your next hamburger order? Or you girl who is looking into smart phone very seriously, did you get some important message ?


Feeling of freedom is what attract me here. Different nations, different kind of people are all living in a harmony or at least it looks to me like this. Maybe I am a pure optimist, I don’t know, also don’t know if I really care about it. As I said I am just sitting here and relaxing my mind by writing.

I am catching my thoughts by dreaming and planing for the next week, next month and next year. How can I stop it? Why we want to make our minds busy by planning even nonsense details? Why we can’t just sit and stop all transmissions of electrical signals in our brain? Why it is easy to have rest for our muscles when they are tired but not so easy to have rest for the brain? My poor Brain!!! sorry to make  you busy with day and night dreams.

3 Ways to Turn Scary Interviews to Free Lesson

scary interview

Job Interviews are always scary. Most of the time we take negative results close to our heart and take it personally. But it is not like this. First of all we must change our mind. Then interviews will not be scary, instead they will be free lesson for us.

1. Have a Growth Mindset

Our success in every aspect of life can be influenced by how we think about our talents and abilities.(Mindset: The New Psychology of Success) If we have fixed mindset and we think that talents and abilities are coming to us as a birth gift I have a bad news: “You can’t progress”.

Just a simple mindset shift can change our life fully. If you start to believe that we can improve our talents and abilities by working on them, you will  realise every failure will push you to learn more, every unsuccessful attempt will show you where you need to correct for next time.

Growth Mindset

2. Ask Good Questions

Interview is not an exam for you. Also, it is our chance to ask questions to interviewer to understand about the job, about the company. Don’t forget; main purpose is our happiness at our new job and its benefits. So we must be sure and convinced that this job is fitting to us. Don’t worry it is interviewer responsibility to take care for the company.

You must prepare some question list for you before the interview and don’t forget it is as important as being ready for technical questions. If you don’t know what you really want for yourself or what is good for yourself who will care about this?

Good Question

3. Don’t Lie

We can think interviews are the process of selling yourself. So don’t lie for the short term success. You must take care about your personal brand. For example if you lie about your abilities you are not only deceiving your interviewer, but you are also running away from facing up with the problem.

Don't lie

Yes, job interviews are scary, difficult, very open to surprise with unpredictable questions but it is just an interview. It is just a door to your next job.

But it is not the last door you can knock. Even if you failure at this one, keep going. Your next job and bright future is waiting you ahead. Just keep walking.

Eray Onler