A Desperate Attempt to Pour Pages with My Pure Nonsense Thoughts

I wanted to write today, write and expose all my feelings (at least some)  into digital bits and bytes. I have a lot of questions in my mind like all modern human has. We are growing, evolving and changing every second of the life. Interestingly most of the time we are not moving into consciously chosen direction. Mostly we are moving like a leaf on the river flow. Not because we don’t have power to swim against. However we just need to turn our face to sky and watch how it is sliding in front of our eyes.

I am sitting in a chair at my hostel now in the reception. I can’t say it is very comfortable but absolutely relaxing time for my soul. Everyone is busy and they seems even they don’t know who is coming and passing here. Someone is just arriving to the reception, not only with full of backpacks but also full of hopes and dreams about this beautiful Amsterdam city and someone is just taking a sip from their beers and enjoying the time.

What are you thinking guy at the kitchen? How to prepare your next hamburger order? Or you girl who is looking into smart phone very seriously, did you get some important message ?


Feeling of freedom is what attract me here. Different nations, different kind of people are all living in a harmony or at least it looks to me like this. Maybe I am a pure optimist, I don’t know, also don’t know if I really care about it. As I said I am just sitting here and relaxing my mind by writing.

I am catching my thoughts by dreaming and planing for the next week, next month and next year. How can I stop it? Why we want to make our minds busy by planning even nonsense details? Why we can’t just sit and stop all transmissions of electrical signals in our brain? Why it is easy to have rest for our muscles when they are tired but not so easy to have rest for the brain? My poor Brain!!! sorry to make  you busy with day and night dreams.

How to Become a Good Agricultural Engineer

Agricultural engineering is a combination of engineering technology and biological science applied to the field of agriculture. World population will exceed 9.6 billion by 2050 and we need to increase agricultural production by 70 percent to meet demand.

Agricultural Engineers will be one of the main problem solvers.  They will be a bridge between technology and agriculture and it will be one leg of the solution.

Get Code To:

  • Get Agriculture Engineer job posts summaries from indeed.com
  • Save all summaries in one python list
  • Create WordCloud based on this list

Libraries Used:

Agricultural Engineer Word Cloud

This word cloud can give us an intuition about what, companies demand from agricultural engineers.

For example from the first view, I notice that System Engineer, Test Engineer, Electrical Controls, Project EngineerAgricultural Production, Software Engineer, Design Engineer have a higher frequency of agricultural engineer job posts.

Why don’t you copy/modify the code and try for different job search keywords?

How Algorithms Changing Our Lives?


Even we notice or not the algorithms are everywhere in our daily life. When we are making payment with credit card, while we are searching something at the search engine or while our smartphone camera automatically finds the faces at the camera and focusing on them, The algorithms are working in the background and making our lives easier.

We tend to think algorithms came into our lives by the computer age but it is wrong. Algorithms are helping us from the ancient times. For example, Euclid’s algorithm to find the greatest common divisor, which we learn at primary school math classes, probably one the oldest algorithm.

Algorithms are for solving the problem in structural, efficient and fastest way. So let’s look at some algorithms which make our lives easier.

PageRank Algorithm

One of the well-known algorithm of modern time is PageRank algorithm. It is a ranking algorithm and when you enter a query, it is sorting search results that you most likely interested in, based on ranking scores.

Sorting Algorithms

As it can be understood from the title, the job of the sorting algorithms are sorting things. Bubble sort algorithm is one the first iconic algorithm of all the time which is created in 1963 at System Development Corporation (First Software company of the world)

There are a lot of sorting algorithms for different purposes. For example merge sort, quick sort, insertion sort, selection sort and list goes on…

Sorting algorithms bring order to the world

“The Secret Rules of Modern Living: Algorithms”

Matching Algorithms

Online dating is so popular at these days. Even studies show that over third of marriages started online. These dating websites are using matching algorithms. They are searching through your profiles and match people up based on their likes, dislikes, and personality. Another research also shows couples who met online tend to be happier and have longer marriages.

In 2012 for the first time, Nobel Prize was awarded because of an algorithm  which is created by David Gale and  Lloyd Shapley.

This matching algorithm is also being used for matching organ donors, placing students in high schools and universities.

Shortest Path Algorithm

Sometimes problems are very complex to solve. For example very well known, traveling salesman problem.

The salesman must visit all cities in the shortest way. But how to do it? The first solution comes to our mind is brute force solution of this problem – trying all possible routes and then decide which one is the shortest.

But unfortunately when the number of cities increased possible routes are also increasing exponentially. When we look at the numbers we will see better:

  • 3 cities: There are only 3 possible routes
  • 5 cities: There are 60 possible routes
  • 6 cities: There are 360 possible routes
  • 10 cities: There are 1.8 million possible routes


Machine Learning Algorithms

Now, we came into another breakpoint at technology. By using past data and computational power,  computers can learn like us. We don’t need to program them explicitly. If we feed them with enough and appropriate data; they can find patterns in and they can learn from data.

Programs don’t have frozen mind anymore.  They can learn and adapt themselves. We must be ready for the more automated world. Algorithms will shape our lives more and more in the future.


The Secret Rules of Modern Living: Algorithms.  I liked this documentary on Netflix and I strongly suggest you watch If you have free time and one cup of coffee.

3 Ways to Turn Scary Interviews to Free Lesson

scary interview

Job Interviews are always scary. Most of the time we take negative results close to our heart and take it personally. But it is not like this. First of all we must change our mind. Then interviews will not be scary, instead they will be free lesson for us.

1. Have a Growth Mindset

Our success in every aspect of life can be influenced by how we think about our talents and abilities.(Mindset: The New Psychology of Success) If we have fixed mindset and we think that talents and abilities are coming to us as a birth gift I have a bad news: “You can’t progress”.

Just a simple mindset shift can change our life fully. If you start to believe that we can improve our talents and abilities by working on them, you will  realise every failure will push you to learn more, every unsuccessful attempt will show you where you need to correct for next time.

Growth Mindset

2. Ask Good Questions

Interview is not an exam for you. Also, it is our chance to ask questions to interviewer to understand about the job, about the company. Don’t forget; main purpose is our happiness at our new job and its benefits. So we must be sure and convinced that this job is fitting to us. Don’t worry it is interviewer responsibility to take care for the company.

You must prepare some question list for you before the interview and don’t forget it is as important as being ready for technical questions. If you don’t know what you really want for yourself or what is good for yourself who will care about this?

Good Question

3. Don’t Lie

We can think interviews are the process of selling yourself. So don’t lie for the short term success. You must take care about your personal brand. For example if you lie about your abilities you are not only deceiving your interviewer, but you are also running away from facing up with the problem.

Don't lie

Yes, job interviews are scary, difficult, very open to surprise with unpredictable questions but it is just an interview. It is just a door to your next job.

But it is not the last door you can knock. Even if you failure at this one, keep going. Your next job and bright future is waiting you ahead. Just keep walking.

Eray Onler

Determination of energy balance of apple (Malus domestica) production in Turkey: A case study for Tekirdag province

Kaynak: https://www.stemilt.com/stem-blog/5-apple-farming-secrets/

İlker Hüseyin Çelen, Mehmet Fırat Baran, Eray Onler, Yılmaz Bayhan

This study aims to define the energy usage efficiency in apple cultivation in the Province of Tekirdağ. The study was conducted during 2015 production season through observation and measurement in an apple garden with a land area of 12 da and located in Nusratlı village in Central Tekirdağ. It has been tried to reveal the role of mechanization energy among all the inputs. According to the calculated data, in apple cultivation the respective figures for total energy input, total fruition, total energy output, energy output/input rate, specific energy, energy productivity and net energy have been calculated as 58839.65 MJ ha-1, 38370 kg ha-1, 92088.00 MJ ha-1, 1.56, 1.53 MJ kg-1, 0.65 kg MJ-1 and 33248.35 MJ ha-1 respectively. As a result, among the general energy inputs in apple cultivation, the highest energy consuming items have been respectively defined as fertilizer energy, fuel-oil energy, chemicals, machinery, human labour and irrigation energy.

You can download full article Anadolu Tarım Bilimleri Dergisi (Anadolu Journal of Agricultural Sciences). 

How We Will Create Our Data Science Savvy Generation?

It is ok Data Science is the sexiest job of 21st century (Harvard Business Reviews) but our generation is really to ready to be data science savvy?

Source: HBR

Yes, it is very easy to see popularity of data science increasing like a rocket

Data Science Trend over years

But just this graph is not only explaining the whole story. Because when we look at top 5 related queries we saw a different face of the story.

Data Science Top Five Queries

It is very obvious there is a strong interest on data science but as we see on the queries “what is data science” is at 2nd and “what is data” is in 4th place of the query list. Actually this is really great thing because data science is very important for everyone while the world is becoming more digital (E.g. agriculture)

Our digital business research with MIT showed that 70% of CEOs believe their core business model is under attack, and 90% of them believe they do not yet have the right leadership team or technical skills to adapt.

If I could awake a curiosity about data science you can also check this great article by Russ Thompson. I think you will enjoy to read. I especially like this very simple but crystal clear definition

A data scientist is the adult version of the kid who can’t stop asking “Why?”.


The question is how will we make this transformation? How we will educate people about data science? By classical education? By online course? By bootcamps? or maybe digital revolution will lead us to more effective hybrid solutions?

How we will create our data science savvy generation?

Eray Onler


Machine Learning Can Help You To Find Plant Diseases

Smallholder family farming is the backbone of agriculture at developing countries. There are 500 millions smallholder farmer all around the world.  Pests and plant diseases are one of the biggest problem of farmers and these smallholders players usually don’t have enough chance to have consultancy. Luckily machine learning can help them about this. The app Plantix can be answer of this question. Just a simple smartphone can help you detect disease by taking photo of the plant. App. is not only detecting but also suggesting you possible solutions. Every new image is increasing recognition performance.

Plantix - AI-driven plant disease detection

Farmers Can Turn Their Data to Revenue Stream?

Data can be really revenue stream for farmers? Unless there is still a discussion about ownership about data

Who Owns Farmers’ Big Data?


Earning money from farm data is possible now. Technology startup FarMobile created DataStore to sell electronic farm records data. And they are harvesting farm data $1/acre.

If you would like to read more about this topic I suggest you to visit this article.

Definitely We Need Smarter Agriculture

We need to find a new and smarter ways for sustainable farming, while population is growing (it will be 9.8billions in 2050) and we are loosing fertile farmlands for urbanisation.

Crowd at the Palio horse race in Siena

Victor Spinelli | Photographer’s Choice | Getty
Crowd at the Palio horse race in Siena

This FAO report shows us importance of common vision for sustainable farming.

IoT is a way of connecting objects to internet. We can use this power for collecting more data from the farm and taking better and smarter decision.

I really like this article

The Internet of Grapes: How IoT and weather come together to support the global food system

thanks to its writer Karen Lewis

Design of a Flow Rate Adjustement System Related to Tree Foliage Surface Estimation by Using Ultrasonic Sensors (Smart Spraying Machine)

Elma bahçesinde ağaçların büyüme sezonu boyunca yaprak yoğunluğunda meydana gelen değişimlere göre atılacak ilaçlı sıvı miktarını sürekli olarak ayarlayarak, ilaçlama uygulamasının optimize edilmesini sağlayacak bir ilaçlama makinası geliştirilmiştir. Bu amaçla ultrasonik sensörler kullanılarak hedef bitkinin yaprak yoğunluğunun tespiti yapılmış ve uygulanan dozun adapte edilmesi sağlanmıştır. Çalışmada hava destekli piyasada Ahtapot diye isimlendirilen bağ ve bahçelerde kullanılan hava destekli bir ilaçlama makinesinden faydalanılmıştır. Her kola bir adet ultrasonik sensor, üç adet solenoid valf ve sensör çıkışlarını yorumlayıp solenoid valfleri kontrol edecek elektronik kontrol kartı eklenmiştir. Her bir solenoid valf farklı debide çıkış veren bir ilaçlama memesini kontrol ettiği için bitki üzerine atılacak ilaçlı sıvı miktarı üç farklı debiye ayarlanabilmiştir. Atılan ilaçlı sıvı miktarı gerçek zamanlı olarak ultrasonik sensörler ile algılanan yaprak yoğunluğuna gore; tasarlanan sistem tarafından otomatik olarak değiştirilmektedir.

A spraying machine was designed with this study. This machine can contuniously sets the amount of liquid chemical continuously depending on changes in leaf density, volume of the canopy, size and shapes which differs during growing season. These processes will optimise efficiency of spraying application. Ultrasonic sensors were used with this aim to define size of plant for adapting of chemical dosage octopus spraying machine was used at study. A system was designed for every arm’s of octopus machine. Three solenoid valve, one ultrasonic sensor, and electronic control unit which process and interpret the range data of ultrasonic sensor and also control solenoid valve, were added to arms. Flow rate of chemical can be set to three different value. Because every single electrovalve control different type of nozzle. Amounts of spraying chemical is set real-time by system depending on canopy volume and leaf density.

You can download the full article from Namik Kemal University